Presenter Information

General Information

PSNA will use a Zoom-based virtual conference platform powered by Ungerboeck that will be viewable to registered participants after July 22, 2021. All registered participants will receive an email with their personal login information to view all the sessions available at PSNA 2021, including yours.

Each presenter will be assigned a unique link to start their session on the date and time scheduled. You may review the PSNA 2021 Program when it becomes available. Every presenter will be designated as a host of their own session so that the Share Screen function and other options of Zoom can be used to delivery your presentation. To learn more about the Zoom software in preparation for your session, please visit Please note that technology is ever changing. It is strongly suggested to familiarize yourself with the latest version of this system.

Please note that all conference sessions will be automatically recorded and accessible to conference registrants until October 31, 2021. This feature of PSNA 2021 is valuable because it will permit delegates to view your presentation even if they are unable to attend your session in person due to scheduling conflicts or time-zone differences.

We recommend that all those participating in the conference install the latest version of Zoom on the laptop or desktop they will be using during the conference. You do not need to have a Zoom account in order to present or participate in the conference, but basic Zoom accounts are free and allow you to record your presentation if you wish. Versions of Zoom client for different operating systems can be found here. We do not recommend using a mobile phone or tablet for conference participation.

If you are not familiar with Zoom, you can find training videos and additional information by following this link or on the Zoom site in your own country.


Pay particular attention to the following features of Zoom:

  • Audio and video settings are accessed by clicking on the “up arrow” (^) to the right of the microphone and camera icons, although the locations and options might vary depending on the version you are using. To mute your microphone or start or stop your video camera, click on the icon. Headphones or earbuds with integrated microphones are recommended for clearest audio. Muting microphones when not speaking is always recommended. The Zoom Help Centre has great tutorials to learn more about your audio and video settings.
  • Share Screen allows hosts or co-hosts to share what is on their screens with other participants. If you are using this feature for your presentation, as most presenters will, please practice before your session so you are sure how it works and that your presentation runs smoothly. The Zoom Help Centre has great tutorials to learn more about sharing your screen.
  • Chat allows participants to post questions or comments to the entire group and to send messages to one another. The Q&A/discussion portion of your presentation may be conducted, at least in part, via Chat where questions or comments will be posted with the expectation that you will be aware of them and respond when appropriate.
  • Breakout Rooms can be created to have participants work in smaller groups. We only recommend using Breakout Rooms if you have some experience using this feature. Thought should be given to the time it may take to create the rooms and manually assign delegates based on how many participants are in your session. The Zoom Help Centre has great tutorials on Breakout Rooms and should be practiced in advance.


Preparing for Your Presentation

There will be three types of virtual research presentations at PSNA 2021: Orals, Posters, and Flash Talks.

Orals: Oral presenters will be given 25 minutes total, including a 20-minute talk followed by a 5-minute discussion. Please do not go over your allotted time.

Posters: Poster presenters are expected to be present in their assigned virtual space during the time slot they are assigned. The scheduled session for posters provides an opportunity for author(s) to engage in real time with interested conference participants. You can display your poster via Zoom and provide a brief presentation to set the stage for discussion. Please submit a one-page PDF of your poster to with “PSNA 2021 POSTER” in the subject line by July 16. Please label the file with the name of your poster. We ask that be limited to 1MB if possible.

Flash Talks: Each Flash Talk will be given 5 minutes maximum to present their work including Q&A. A practice session is recommended by all presenters in advance to ensure your content is kept within the 5 minute time limit.


Presentation Delivery

Every presenter must be present at the designated time to start their session. You can present your material live during your session by using the screen share option to display your presentation on Zoom after you start the session.



As timing must be kept to the schedule, we encourage all presenters to attend the whole session, and log into their symposium 15 minutes before the session starts. This will allow the chair and all presenters of the session to introduce themselves to each other, and to set up the presentations in advance. The chair and other moderators will be available throughout the session to help with any technical issues.


Technical Support

Several kinds of technical support will be available before and during the conference including Zoom-savvy volunteers who can answer questions and help to solve technical problems you may encounter. We will be providing more details on how to access technical support just prior to the start of the conference.


Our Conference Partner

We are working closely with UBC’s Conferences and Accommodations (C&A) staff who are working directly with the provider of the virtual conference platform, Ungerboeck. C&A will be entering presentation details into the platform, and uploading posters, documents or other media that presenters wish to have accessible during and following their session.